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Safety & Training


Konnect places the highest priority on establishing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and contractors. Our commitment is to meet or exceed the safety and health standards expected of an industry leader by the community and government, thereby achieving our goal of an accident free and healthy workplace.

To achieve this Konnect:

  • Complies with all applicable Occupational Health and Safety laws and regulations
  • Actively promotes and supports employee consultation as an important element of our safety management system
  • Provides health and safety training for all employees
  • Continuously reviews work areas, equipment and methods to further improve the health and safety of employees and contractors
  • Sets targets and provides an environment that will create a desire to meet or exceed those targets.

All managers, supervisors, employees and contractors are required to recognise and accept their responsibility to maintain a healthy and safe workplace and to participate in the development and use of the safety management program for each work area. Konnect sites have fully trained first aid officers and nominated fire wardens. Konnect staff can also obtain inductions that may be necessary to access and service specific site locations E.g. General On-Site Inductions, MARCSTA, HSE Inductions and Maritime Security Identification Cards (MSIC).



Konnect is committed to training and developing its staff.

A detailed three month training and induction program is in place for all new employees. Entry level warehouse staff are supported with national accredited training in the form of Certificate II/III & IV in Warehousing & Distribution. Staff identified as high performers who are seeking career advancement are invited into Certificate IV and Diploma level training in Frontline Management. Tuition Assistance programs are available to staff as a means to assist in attaining university qualifications that will further their ability to advance through the business.

Konnect has dedicated Training Officer positions in addition to the Human Resources team which supports the business as a whole. These staff are committed to the delivery and organisation of both on and off-the-job training.

An annual performance appraisal process provides an opportunity for all staff to discuss career goals with their managers, identify skills gaps and request approved training. This provides the foundation for internal and external training that occurs throughout the year. Common training that is offered includes external courses in leadership, sales, customer service, project management, financial management, safety and Microsoft Excel/Word. Critically for branch staff, regular product knowledge training from both internal and external providers is also undertaken.



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